Governance, Risk & Compliance

The Government, Risk, and Compliance approach offered provide solutions across the holistic framework in the areas of risk measurement and analysis, risk reporting, and risk data management to help organizations design, implement, and improve their infrastructure (processes, data, and technology) related to specific risks (e.g., governance, strategy and planning, operations/infrastructure, compliance, and reporting), each of which affects the organization’s most critical data. This includes data analytics techniques for ongoing monitoring, building data management capabilities, and developing KPIs.
Key Performance Indicators that are captured in real-time at the point of creation, centrally processed, analyzed and reported. Only with this foundation can the requirements of modern management in the areas of compliance and risk be represented in increasingly complex systems. Through this permanent detection of KPIs and risk data management, governance can intervene in a guiding manner.

The framework goes far beyond mere certification. If certification is already in place, the KPIs and processes defined there can be mapped by the solution modules and permanently used within the framework for considerations in the areas of compliance, risk and governance.